Tuesday 9 September (WA)
Kalgoorlie to Fraser Range Station




Total Km






need to fill up water drums at Norseman Tourist Information Centre. Norseman is the last place to get water until we have crossed the Nullarbor at Nundroo - signs at Roadhouses say "please don't ask for water". Supermarket at Norseman


Fraser Range Station







accommodation: Fraser Range Station is a working property. They have a

accommodation 1 km off the road - camping is $15 (they have 1500 `sites' I think this

is the paddock!!), cabin is $70. There are BBQs here. Also kiosk and laundry

facilities. 08 9039 3210 Paul Ryan

Directions for the day:
Leave Kalgoorlie and travel south-west on the Goldfields Highway for 39km. At Coolgardie turn south onto the Coolgardie - Esperance Highway towards Norseman. At Norseman turn east onto the National Highway No. I (called the Eyre Highway at this point). Fraser Range Farm is 82km east of Norseman.

A word of caution - we need to take extra care from here on out, as livestock, emus and kangaroos are common along the Eyre Highway, particularly at night. Emus usually travel in pairs, so if you see one, watch out for the mate.

Also to note, although it is rare, the Royal Flying Doctor Service occasionally uses the highway to make a landing. Apparently there are relevant signs and markings on the bitumen along the "runways". Landings are always heralded by personnel located on the road itself - police, roadhouse staff or others seconded for the purpose
Some history
From Norseman to Ceduna, 1200 kilometres away, roadhouses, homesteads and outposts are all that we'll find along the Eyre Highway that links WA and SA. This is the Nullarbor Plain, and it stretches from Norseman in WA to Nundroo in SA. The Eyre Highway is named after John Eyre - the first European to make the east-west crossing, in 1841. Back then it took him five months. It wasn't until 1912 that the first car crossed the Nullarbor. The Eyre Highway was fully sealed in 1976.
Things to see