Mon 8th at Kalgoorlie
Another gorgeous day after a very cold night in our tents.   We even had jackets off today.  We spent the morning on a tour of the Super Pit, without WAIT AND SEE of course.  We saw one of the largest open cut mines in the world. Kalgoorlie is a great place.   Barry was told when he went to fill up WAIT : “ Oh you’re the people I saw on the news this morning – oh yeah, Wait And See – you’re the old cars.” So we assume it was correct, as only WAIT was in the service station at the time. 
Early this afternoon we visited the Boulder Primary School, where some of the 400 children clambered through the Bradfords.  They all wanted a turn behind the wheel.  At the end of half an hour, the WAIT AND SEE team presented Noel Stallard’s children’s book ‘The Bush Animal’s Band’ to the school.  They were delighted.  (We have also presented this book to the Perth City Council Library, to Carson Street School in Perth, to a church group, and to several parents to take to their respective schools).  Along with Noel’s book, we have presented a CD of his Australian poetry.
On the maintenance front, the vehicles were completely greased and the timing adjusted for the trip across the Nullarbor.  Further investigations will take place on the fuel economy front, as the 400km from Esperance yesterday produced mixed results with regard to the fuel bowls.  A further 400km will prove the point. As you can imagine, there are six drivers, so there are six points (to prove). WAIT went into Kalgoorlie to have its muffler repaired, and amidst much laughter and banter, it was repaired for nothing by James Ayers, of Carline Mufflers.
Kalgoorlie generosity has continued to be amazing.  This afternoon we were treated to an upgrade into well-appointed cabins by the owners of the Boulder Accommodation Village, Anne and John Fannin, as they felt we were doing a good job with the children.
Cheers for now