Thursday 4th September
We were up at five this morning to film the sun rising over Wave Rock  – Barry and Ollie walking up along the top, and me filming from the base; Bill doing maintenance on the Bradfords.  Robert and Rosalie were sensible enough to stay longer in the tent.  Another gorgeous Spring day.  Our highlight after Wave Rock was the Tin Horse Highway at Kulin.  This is a 17km stretch of road leading out to the Kulin Bush Race Track.  The locals have constructed comic race horses out of all sorts of materials, but tin and welding feature heavily!   We took great footage and laughed all the way. 
We had some fun this afternoon with the Bradfords, simulating the 1926 trip across Africa by driving along a railway line.  In 1926 they used the railway line where there was no road.  The Bradfords fitted snuggly along the tracks.  I drove WAIT, Robert drove AND, and Ollie drove SEE, first of all backwards up the tracks, then off down the tracks for a fabulous camera shoot and lots of laughs. 
Tonight we are staying at Barry and Jo Harding’s property near Dudinin, and are being dined superbly with home cooked main course and best of all, four different  home- made desserts.   Christina, the German girl who was at Ian’s in York while we were there, is now here at Jo and Barry’s and we have met up with her again; Brian Hehir has driven over from Narrogin to be with us again tonight - it’s like WAIT AND SEE is gathering a family.  Dudinin is a tiny wheatbelt township with a population of six families.  There is one General  Store where you ring in to order what you want, and they get it in for you, so no walking in to buy off the street.
 Bill, Barry and Brian are out in Barry’s shed tonight working on WAIT’s tappets and re-setting the timing.  Hopefully we will have time to work on the handbrake for SEE at Esperance.   And tonight we sleep in style!
Cheers for now - Susan

Tin Horse