Wednesday  3rd  Sept
How  good was it today to be on the open road at last!  We left York (100km E of Perth) this morning after some minor alterations to SEE – yesterday’s repairs on the handbrake hadn’t been successful and Bill and Barry solved the problem by taking it out.  When we get to Dudinin tomorrow night they will fix the handbrake  in Barry’s shed (where else!)  Fortunately today we are not in mountainous country.  AND  ran low on water outside Kudinin, but with the help of a Royal Flying Doctor Service couple on holiday, they got under way again.  We are finding it difficult to stay together on the road, what with some of us filming and others taking still shots, and generally doing different things, we are getting separated.  AND, having the smaller tray, doesn’t have enough room for the 25L water drums, but she is carrying enough water to get her out of trouble now.  There was no mobile coverage anywhere today, and the walkie talkies only have a 5km range. 
Beautiful sunny day today – about 20 degrees.  I’m writing this in the tent well after dark, with a soft breeze that you can hear rustling through the Eucs (Eucalyptus trees aka Gum trees for our o/s readers) – really beautiful.  The wildflowers are starting to come out, and everywhere the Eucs are in blossom.
The Bradfords were right at home in the undulating country, coasting up hill and down dale, and I’m sure they really did think they were back  in Yorkshire.  There has been  good rain out here in the wheatbelt, - wheat and canola (WA has stayed non GM) everywhere looking healthy.  Came across large expanses of dead country amongst the wheat crops – exposed soil and dead veg.  The salt problem  really is huge.
Spent some time filming at the Dog Cemetery outside Kudinin – dog lovers sure love their dogs.
We made camp at Wave Rock camping ground late pm and Robert and Rosalie had their first experience of putting up a tent. Bill and I bought uncomplicated three-man dome tents for each Bradford – two cross-over poles and no pegs.  By the second camping night they will have the tent up in minutes.
Ciao - Susan