Tuesday 2nd: Heavy fog this morning, but the boys were out doing the final preparations and maintenance on the vehicles.  Then into York township and displaying Wait And See outside the York Motor Museum.  York was the first inland town in WA and has some lovely mid 1800’s buildings.
This afternoon we have had the joy of loading all our gear – personal bags, spare parts, camping gear – into the Bradfords.  The Bradfords have no space in the cabin, and the trays are not large – they are small vehicles!  There were times  when a few people nearly came undone, and times when we had to adjourn for cups of tea.  We loaded and unloaded, chucked out containers that couldn’t be moulded around other things, but we got everything in.  But tomorrow morning I think some people will be stowing last minute gear under their legs, like you do in an aircraft seat. 
We are so looking forward to being on the open road tomorrow.