Thursday 25th – Londonderry to Sydney

What a tremendous day today really is, for after some 5,440km of driving across Australia, we have only 30km to go to reach the Town Hall in Sydney. I say tremendous because the Bradfords have turned a dream into reality. Those little vehicles plodded along at an average speed of 60kph, hour after hour without so much as a murmur, eating up the kilometres up hill and down dale. And yesterday they completed the Mount Panorama racing circuit in 11 minutes un-phased by the fact that the racing V8s do it in one minute fifty-nine seconds.

Last night we lost Howard, Rosalie and Robert to other commitments, which left Susan, Barry and myself for the trip into Sydney, so the crew was augmented by my son David and his son Jackson. After last night’s cleaning we rose to see WAIT AND SEE gleaming and shining in the morning sun - a fitting premonition to today’s unfolding. It was in fact a little eerie, because it was as if they knew this day was special.

We left Londonderry and fueled at the first petrol station and headed down the motorway and arrived at the ABC building almost without a stop. Almost as soon as we arrived we were investigated by all manner of people including the ABC personality Dr Carl. After delivering our thank you message to our Patron the ABC’s “The Other warren Brown”, we rang the Sydney Town Hall to tell them we were on time for the 11am letter from Perth delivery.

George Street, Sydney had not seen anything like it – and just as we had experienced all over Australia, people smiled and laughed and photographed the Bradfords, using their mobile phones. Up George Street to the Town Hall we went and jumped the gutter into Saint Andrews Square between the Cathedral and the Town Hall. The Town Hall staff, and Councilor Phillip Black who was representing the Mayor, were waiting – they had been briefed by Neil and Joy Hood who had arrived earlier that morning.

The Town Hall scene was much laughter and glee. Lots of talking, photos, sit-ins, explaining and still more mobile phones. After the formal delivery of our Mayoral letter, we headed down William Street towards Rose Bay and the official end of the Odyssey. There on the Boat Ramp we lined up the Bradfords, took out the three bottles of Indian Ocean water we had collected in Fremantle WA and ceremoniously poured the contents into the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Thus the Odyssey officially ended, a dream, an adventure, an organizing feat by Susan, an exceptional drive by Ollie, Howard, Rosalie and Barry, who can only be regarded as nut cases and good friends. Oh alright, Adventurers.

All that remains now is to post one other days’ event, which is the arrival of the band ‘Planet Waves’, who has written the music for the Odyssey Video. They arrive this Sunday and the band has requested that they perform on the trays of the Lorries. Now you don’t see that every day.

Bill and Susan

The welcome-home cake that our daughter Ann made, with the seven drivers in the cabin.

WAIT AND SEE at the Sydney Town Hall, presenting the letter from the Mayor of Perth.

Journey’s end! Tipping the Indian Ocean water (Perth) into the Pacific Ocean (Sydney).

Bill, his son David, and his grandson Jackson – three generations.