Tuesday 23rd – Wellington to Orange

As you have read, we by-passed Dubbo last night for Wellington as we were unable to find the Caravan Park easily from the main road. It was just as well because the weather today was in vast contrast to what we have been having – rain, and a cold icy wind. In fact it had been raining all night and for the first time, we had to negotiate the tourneau covers, actually covered with pools of water. It is an art to move a wet tourneau without dumping water on the gear.

At the next town, Molong, Bill’s dad, sister and brother were there to meet us with large WAIT, AND, & SEE signs – really nice. They had even brought along a Baker’s Delight, custard and almond bun and Tim Tams for morning tea. It was here in the Molong Park that we brought out our really cold weather gear for the first time – Rosalie her Alaskan jacket, Howard his Icelandic hat and jacket, Susan her GoreTex jacket and woollen hat, and Barry donned his two wind jackets and beanie. Robert didn’t alter as he had rugged up at Wellington, while Bill stayed in his customary shorts .

Bill’s father was also acting as courier, for he brought up from Sydney new tyres for SEE, procured from our shed at Londonderry. On to Orange to find a Tyre changer and leave SEE there while the crew had lunch at a café in the main street. Then it was out to ‘Garapaunoo’, the cattle property of Jan and Paul’s where we will be spending the night. It is so lovely to be in Jan’s cosy home.

As I am writing this (5:30), Bill is outside in the less than 8 degree temperature, greasing WAIT AND SEE and checking the usual things. The other men and Rosalie are coming back inside one at a time after going with Paul in his truck to check out the mobs of kangaroos, and they all look half frozen – they are revising the outside temperature down to 3 degrees with the wind chill factor.

I must say that the Bradfords travelled well in the rain and after they warmed up, the cabins became very cosy and warm. While in Orange, Robert bought a case of Crown Larger and a rather large bottle of ruby Red, so we are now settling in for the night.

Bill and Susan

WAIT AND SEE with their new signs that greeted us as we entered Molong.

The cold today got to Howard & Susan, hence the arctic wear.