Monday 22nd – Cobar to Wellington

We had a rather quiet day today for a change. It was decided to have a 9:00 start from Cobar, so Howard and I started out at 8:00 - computer in hand - to find an Internet connection. After incorrect directions given by three different people to the one place, including the last direction to “turn left and go to the third house on the right – he lives there”, and he didn’t, we gave up on that contact. So we went back to the main street and to the Library – they have free Internet connection – but the Cobar Library doesn’t open until 10:00. Walking across the street, we ask by chance a saleswoman standing in the doorway of Crazy Bargains if she had Internet connection in the store (some shops have for their own usage). No, but try the computer store. So after an hour, Howard was at last successful in uploading the last three day’s worth of stories and photos, and then it was only due to a favour by the computer store fellow. To think we have almost come across Australia on the main West to East route, and most of our uploads have been made possible by unofficial means.

It felt strange to be driving past farms that are growing crops and the farmhouses are only a kilometre apart, no road trains, lots of cars, and towns every 50km or so. The landscape /land use changed quite suddenly, and we were surprised and disappointed to have left the desert behind.

Just out of the township of Nyngan, Barry and Bill organized for WAIT AND SEE to set the World Land Speed Record for a fully loaded Bradford. The speed was to be taken over 5km by a GPS unit on a straight flat road. The order for the attempt was WAIT, followed by AND, and then SEE. WAIT’s max speed was 77kph and average was 74.6kph. AND’s max speed was 86kph and the average was 83kph. SEE’s max speed was 79kph and average was 77.47kph. SEE’s speed was taken over 1.5km instead of the 5km, as Bill thought he couldn’t go any faster and he felt like she would fall apart if she continued at that speed!(read no guts)

Now, THE WAIT AND SEE Odyssey claims the world land speed record for a fully loaded Bradford. If you would like to challenge “AND” for the 83kph you must drive your Bradford 2000km over 10 days before you can make the attempt.

Our destination today was to be Dubbo. However the accommodation at Dubbo was not easily seen by the drivers as we drove through the busy city, so we pressed on the next township of Wellington. The total distance travelled today by the three Bradfords was 345km.

Bill, Susan and Barry

The pub at Cobar - suffering under the wet!