Sunday 21st – White Cliffs to Cobar

Today we spent travelling to Cobar, a distance of some 370km. On the way we videoed the Bradfords in various poses from flying over cattle grids, to crossing rickety old wooden bridges and washed out creek beds. The Outback is really a beautiful and challenging landscape.

The day started at the Underground Motel with a big breakfast of eggs and bacon, after which the clutches on AND and WAIT were adjusted, as they had been giving trouble for those requiring the quick gear changes necessary to get the best speed out of the 25 brake horsepower. After that little job it was - apart from regular oil checks - plain Bradfording.

Today was a little different from the other days, in that we saw plenty of wild life, and much of it not native. We saw wonderful mobs of emus and kangaroos. However we saw hundreds of wild (feral) goats, all with young babies, grazing along either side of the road, usually in groups of three or four. We wondered what they would eat out here, as the ground was bare.

Howard essentially drove the blue Bradford WAIT without a worry the whole of the 370kms and he was even able to have his co-driver Barry dose in the cab. Not bad don’t you think? Tonight we have settled in the caravan park in Cobar for a good night’s sleep.

Bill and Susan

Two ships of the desert meet up but don't argue.

Underground in the Underground Motel, White Cliffs