Monday 1 September (WA)
Perth to York

Official start of the Wait And See crossing of Australia




Total Km












Accommodation: Ian Hepton’s house

What we are doing today
Early morning - Brian Hehir will be driving us to Perth to pick up the Bradfords.

1. 9:30am arrive at Carson Street School for 10:00 start of Bradford display and exploration of the Bradfords by the children.
2. 9:25am Robert and Rosalie arrive Perth Airport Virgin flight DJ423 and are to be picked up by Brian and Susan
3. 1:00 - 2:00pm pick up letter from the Mayor of Perth and afternoon tea with the Mayor
4. Bradfords and crew drive to York
Directions Perth to York
Crew to drive the Bradfords
Highway 94 - drive east from Perth on the Great Eastern Highway to Chidlow (50km), then turn right onto the Great Southern Highway (47km then to York).

Perth                                                     York
Elevation 9m                                          Elevation
Climate in September                           Climate in September
Max 20°C                                              Max 20°C
Min 10°C                                              Min 7°C
Rain 80mm                                            Rain 37mm
Raindays 14                                           Raindays 1l

Some history
York has a population of 3,000 and is WA's oldest inland town. The first settlers arrived there in 1830, and the town was named after York in the UK, because the countryside resembled that region. York is on the banks of the Avon River.