Friday 19th – Broken Hill

It should have been called Friday the thirteenth as the day out started well, turned topsy turvy, and then by evening righted itself. It may have been the 10am sleep in, but I got to the crease and my big mouth got me cleaned bowled by Susan and my best mate Robert stepped in to mediate a leg-before position. Today was supposed to be a rest day with some free time after our planned visit to Silverton, but as usual the free time was eaten away by the unexpected, such as meeting a VW rally car in a Shell service station with both parties looking very horizontal. We headed off to the almost ghost township of Silverton about an hour late. Some time was spent in the Silverton Pub, as it has been very hot here today and lunch was under the cooliebah trees in the park adjacent to the dry creek bed.

Rosalie and Robert wanted to visit an art gallery and their “free time” was running out and the umpire called for the video umpires who ruled in favour of WAIT AND SEE (the establishment always wins). However the somber mood was quickly overtaken when AND was dressed up as AND - Queen of the Desert, with all the wigs and feather boas and fanfare. Then it was hell-bent back to Broken Hill, passing wild camels and horses on the way. The art gallery was seen by the notorious upgraders and the rest of us spent a relaxing evening doing whatever we liked.

During the day we were interviewed by the local Machinery Club for an article in their club newsletter and they came out to Silverton with us. Later we were joined by a 1968 Jaguar from the local Vintage Car Club. Today Howard was able to send information to the web site via, of all places, McDonalds. He had spent well over an hour running around Broken Hill in the morning trying to find some way to do so. While on the subject of Howard, it should be noted that when he arrived on Wed, Howard came armed with five boiled fruit cakes made by Pauline. To date we have not seen any more of them, for they were immediately ‘taken for looking after’ by the Keeper of the Cakes, Ollie. We are all suspicious!

All in all a Topsy Turvy day. PS. Could you please remind Susan and I (should we do this type of thing again) to never include the words ‘rest day’.

Susan and Bill (I’m LBW)!

Priscilla, Kings of the desert

Priscilla, Kings of the desert (Take 2)

L-R, Barry, Robert, Bill & Howard - real Queens