Wednesday 17 September (SA)
Port Lincoln to Port Augusta




Total km


Port Lincoln




? lunch at Cowell


Port Augusta



large shopping complex at Port Augusta






accommodation: Port Augusta Caravan Park, Brooke St 08 8643 6357
Port Augusta Shoreline Caravan Park 1800 422 965 (cabin $55, site $20)

Directions for the day: From Port Lincoln we drive up the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula. The first 24km up to Louth Bay are hilly.

Port Lincoln                                       Whyalla                                   Port Augusta
Elevation 9m                                        Elevation 13m                           Elevation 7m
Climate in September                         Climate in September             Climate in September
Max 18'C                                            Max 23'C                                 Max 21 "C
Min 9°C                                              Min 12'C                                  Min 10°C
Rain 50mm                                          Rain 27mm                               Rain 25mm
Raindays 14                                         Raindays 4                               Raindays 4

Some history
Cowell, population 750, has one of the world's major jade deposits.

Whyalla is a city founded in 1913 and became an important iron ore port in 1915. A hill one kilometre west of the township was already called Whyalla before the town was surveyed and named. It is thought to be Aboriginal, either from wayalla meaning `west', or waiala meaning `I don't know'

Port Augusta was named after Lady Augusta Young, the wife of the Governor, when the harbour was discovered in 1852. It has a population of 14,000, and is a thriving industrial city at the head of Spencer Gulf.

Things to see
    •     Cowell has great views of Franklin Harbour and Minibrie Ranges