Tuesday 16th Elliston to Tumby Bay

To Tumby Bay! Well at the start of the day we did not know where we were going, so Tumby Bay is just where we have finished up as I write this. We have gone from one pretty coastal spot to another today with WAIT AND SEE driving very well, through country that ranged from rocky and rather desolate on the western coast of the Eyre Peninsula, to lush wheat farming and grazing country on the eastern coast. Our lunch stop was a diversion to Coffin Bay, a spot recommended by Barry. Upon arrival we went straight to the local for a magnificent lunch. It was during the lunch that we had a crew meeting and after toasting our Patron “The Other Warren Brown” we decided to go as far as Tumby Bay this afternoon – 47km up the east coast from Port Lincoln.

Unfortunately we would only have a couple of hours in Port Lincoln, but on the way there we were passed by a local FM radio car who made a note of the Web address and radioed it on to the station. So as we arrived at the first petrol station in Port Lincoln, reporters Richard French and Tom Lewis from Eyre Peninsula Radio (89.9), found us and promptly conducted an interview about WAIT AND SEE. All very good fun.

At Port Lincoln we purchased oil and oil filters, because we have passed the half way point and it is time to change the oil in the engines. During the morning we had checked the oil in the gearboxes and only a little was added to SEE. In fact the Bradfords have covered 2035 miles (3275km) and are remarkable little machines and so much fun because the world just glides by.

Tomorrow we pick up a new crew member – Howard Norfolk who designed the website – and we are all looking forward to him joining our mottly team.


Bill and Susan

If this was a tea towel Ollie would have bought it.

The sign outside the service station at Elliston, Eyre Peninsula