Monday 15 September (SA)
Streaky Bay to Port Lincoln




Total km


Streaky Bay




probably lunch at Elliston


Port Lincoln







accommodation: Port Lincoln Caravan Park 8684 3512
Port Lincoln Tourist Park 8621 4444

Directions for the day: Continue down the Flinders Highway.

Port Lincoln
Elevation 9m
Climate in September
Max 19°C
Min 8°C
Rain 38mm
Raindays 7

Some history
Elliston has a population of 200, and is situated on the shores of Waterloo Bay. It is sheltered by a reef and-has panoramic views of cliffs and beaches. It was once a port for the early settlers to transport their wool and wheat to market by sailing vessels. There is an unusual number of shipwrecks in the Bay - a result of the narrow opening to the Bay and the changing tides.

Port Lincoln was named by Matthew Flinders when he found the harbour in 1802. He named it after his native province, and Lincoln is a hybrid of Celtic and Latin and signifies a `deep pool'. Nearby islands are named after eight of Flinders' men who drowned near Cape Catastrophe. The town was surveyed in 1830. In 1841 an obelisk was erected by Lady Franklin in honour of her husband, Sir John Franklin, leader of the ill-fated expedition to the north west passage in 1842 (he was later Governor of Tasmania). It has a population of 13,000.

Things to see

Port Lincoln Tourist Information Centre
1800 629 911 (Adelaide Place)