Fri 12th – Border Village to Nullarbor

Today we travelled from one Roadhouse to another, with many stops on the way at the lookouts. The Eyre Highway passes several hundred metres from the cliff line along this stretch. It’s amazing driving in this landscape. This section of the Nullarbor is treeless, so you get an uninterrupted view of the horizon for the 180km. Then the Roadhouse buildings pop out of the plain, and it surprises you.

We had a great time at the lookouts. Two of the six lookouts were closed due to crumbling cliff line. At the others, travelers would come running (true) over when we pulled up, asking to take photos. The first words to greet us are usually “You’re in order now – when we saw you on the road you weren’t in order.” It appears WAIT AND SEE are known from Fremantle to wherever we are on the day, and especially since leaving Norseman and entering the Nullarbor Plain, as people make it from Roadhouse to Roadhouse, and we are always catching up to people. Two guys riding bicycles are our regular companions on the Eyre Highway, and they reckon each time we see them that they are ahead of us!

People along the way have been fabulous to us, especially helping us to upload docs to the website. In Norseman, Carmen and Craig invited us into their house to upload on their internet connection when they met us at the service station; at Border Village Roadhouse, Chris and Clay, two support pilots for the oversize loads moving up to the mines, saw WAIT AND SEE from their cabin, checked us out on the website and came out to ask where is Mon, Tue, Wed’s stories. We said we had no connection, and they immediately invited us to use their mobile wireless internet connection .Everybody just loves these little vehicles, and they look so cute on the Highway.

The view of the Bunda Cliffs was fantastic, and with a slight ocean swell, there was a lot of spray at the base of the cliffs. We were lucky enough to spot a couple of whales, and Barry got one photo in – difficult. People travelling west are telling us there are over 30 whales at the Head of the Bight, where we are heading to tomorrow.

Cheers until tomorrow