Wednesday 10 September (WA)
Fraser Range Station to Cocklebiddy




Total km


Fraser Range Station




roadhouse at Balladonia roadhouse at Caiguna - popular with truckies. Also motel and
camp sites at Caiguna.





about 30km east of Balladonia we enter 146.6km of straight road - the longest straight
stretch of road in the world




accommodation: Cocklebiddy has a Roadhouse, the Wedgetail Inn Motel and camp ground-fresh water tap but very basic (open ground, no lights.) Showers and toilets.

Directions for the day:
We enter the coastal plain today. From Fraser Range Station we continue heading east on the Eyre Highway. About 100km east of Norseman, the road passes through undulating country as it climbs the Fraser Range. After that, we enter the Nullarbor Plain at its western boundary.

Probably the most noteworthy feature of this stretch of the Eyre Highway is the 'Ninety Mile Straight', which starts about 30km south-east of Balladonia and travels in a straight line all the way to Caiguna. At 146.6km, it is one of the longest straight stretches of road in the world. From memory, it isn't all that flat - it may be straight, but it's also undulating. But, if we have the famous tailwind, the Bradfords should fly today.
Note: There is no fuel between Balladonia and Caiguna (182km).

Elevation 151m
Climate in September
Max 22°C
Min 6°C
Note: I have not included rainfall or rain days from Fraser Range station to Fowlers Bay, as average rainfall is meaningless in this and and semi-arid region.

Some history
Balladonia has a population often. The settlement shot to fame in 1979 when parts of the US Skylab space station plummeted to earth here after disintegrating upon re­entry to the atmosphere.
Just beyond Balladonia lies a formation known as Afghan Rocks. They form a small water catchment and were named after a camel driver who was shot by thirsty travellers whilst bathing in the only unpolluted pool of water. His grave lies nearby. Beyond this lies old Balladonia Homestead, a lovely stone place built in 1889 and is now an art gallery depicting the history of the Eyre Highway and the region.

Caiguna also has a population often. Apparently the roadhouse here is a favourite amongst truckies, and it's not unusual for the roadhouse to be completely obscured by big rigs, tankers and pantechnicons. Wait And See will fit in just fine here! Caiguna was an oasis during the 1995 floods when the Nullarbor briefly became a seabed again, stranding hundreds of travellers until the vast waters subsided some days later.

Cocklebiddy is an even tinier settlement, with a population of nine.

Things to see